We had a great time collaborating with the community to put on a Summer STEM Camp for the kids. The event was sponsored by Invenergy through a generous donation. We co-hosted this three day event with the Jennie Trent Dew Library and utilized a number of local helpers.

On the first day, Bryan Gentsch led a discussion on soil and Suzan Garner helped the crew build worm farms (vermiculture). We built water filters and used the rainfall simulator donated by LCRA to see which filter was the most efficient. The team with the best water filter won pool passes donated by the City of Goldthwaite.

On Day 2 we had Invenergy workers Zach & Jerimie instructing our kids about the wind turbines. They helped us construct air powered cars; we could not have done it without them! The winning team won pizza from Quick Check. Dairy Queen donated prizes as well.

On the last day, Nancy Anderson read the book “The Goat in the Rug” and took us through the steps it takes for Navajo Weavers to create rugs. One step was to make soap with Yucca roots—each child took home their own bottle full of suds. Jane Picket brought her wheel and showed the classes how to spin wool fibers into yarn. We had many wonderful volunteers. Thanks to all who helped & participated.