Our third annual A Prairie Experience is just over a month away and we’re moving swiftly to get everything ready. Our steering committee for the event has finalized the participation of our Comanche friends Rita Barnhart Coosewoon and Robert Tehauna for the evening.

Rita-Coosewoon_thumbRita, of the Comanche Nation, will share with us the Comanche use of medicinal plants as passed down through her grandmother, a medicine woman. She will also sing the Lord’s Prayer in Comanche to open our meal. Rita is always willing to share her love of the Creator with everyone and holds a strong belief that prayer is the link to our spiritual well-being and that without spirituality we would be lost.

Robert-Tehauna_thumbRobert is of the Comanche and Kiowa Nations and is a Marine Corps veteran. He is the organizer for the traditional drumming, singing, and dancing that will be shared that evening and will lead the drumming and singing. Robert will also speak on the significance of the drum and of the clothing worn by the dancers. He believes strongly in his heritage and is honored to share his culture with us.

The event is scheduled for October 13th from 5:30pm to 9:30pm at the Central Texas Livestock Center on Silvergate Farms. get directions

Tickets are limited and will only be available until Monday Oct. 8th.

To RSVP or to request more information please contact Jan Fischer.
Tel : (325) 642-7527
E-Mail : lhtngwmn@centex.net