Today we give thanks to Mother Earth and everything she provides us. We thank her for the fresh air we breathe, the water that washes new life into our blood, the bounty of fruits and vegetables that grow out of her rich living soils, the sun that heats us up and the wind that cools us down. We thank her for all the plant and animal spirits we share our lives with. We are all connected and in this knowing, we honor this precious life on this incredible planet we call home. Happy Earth Day!

We released 3500 ladybugs into the gardens to help us tackle those pesky aphids. Thank you to all who sponsored ladybugs, in turn helping us keep our garden organic and Earth-friendly. But don’t worry, you haven’t missed your chance to support! We are still collecting ladybug sponsorships through April 30th. Click here to make a donation for only $5.

We have educational ladybug grab bags for the kiddos outside the Goldthwaite Welcome Center. They will be available at the center’s picnic tables until 5pm today.