Current events have not kept Mother Nature from dressing up for Spring!  While we mortals schedule virtual programs and meetings, the Gardens are full of buzzing and blooming. Our gardener Savannah is working on a Virtual Waking Up with Wildflowers. We will have a ladybug release at 12 noon on Earth Day, Wednesday, April 22nd. We may have to record the events for you to enjoy online but the lady bugs will be real!

A better known species in the penstemon genus is the breathtaking Foxglove. A curious name for a unique blossom. An Old English fable explains how this flower came to be:

“At one time foxes’ tails were considered potent charms against the devil, and foxes were constantly hunted. Reynard, king of the foxes, appealed to the gods for help, and they gave him the belled plants to hide in the fields so that when hunters came into the fields and brushed against the bells they would ring and alert the foxes to run to safety to protect their brushes.”

Legends and Lore of Texas Wildflowers by Elizabeth Silverthorne

Calylophus, Texas Sundrop, bloomed just in time to brighten up your week. Belonging to the evening primrose family, this wildflower is ideal for Texas gardens because it shines in high heat and drought conditions. Lucky for us, they keep their golden blooms throughout the summer and into early fall.

Brazos Penstemon, Heat-hardy Texas perennial.

Tiny butterflies feasting on tiny flowers.

Click here to download some tips for spring planting from Hazel McCoy. Now is a wonderful time for all of our patrons to tend to their own gardens. 

We miss our interactions with each of you. We can weather these April showers—let us have hope in May flowers!