What’s Blooming? Summer Edition

It’s been a busy week for these bees now that Flameleaf Sumacs are in bloom! Rhus lanceolata suckers from their base to form thick colonies. So when the time comes for these sumacs to blooms, it’s a spectacular show. Banded Hairstreak butterfly captured by Joy Hayes-Gates. Cowpen daisies, Verbesina encelioides, greet our visitors with a […]

What’s Blooming? May Showers Bring June Flowers

Patches of blanketflowers are painting the roadsides. We had a wonderful turnout for Waking up with Wildflowers last month. Thanks again to the fabulous Pecans.com for your delicious coffee and treats. Captivated by brilliant yellow coreopsis! We were so excited to find our first resident monarch caterpillars munching on green milkweed, Asclepias viridis, last week. It’s been […]

What’s Blooming? April Edition

The Texas Botanical Gardens are in full BLOOM! Despite the many setbacks we faced in winter, our native residents have fallen right back into their springtime groove. Cedar Elms (Ulmus crassifolia) have leafed out and are providing shelter and shade for our garden critters.  Several plants in the sunflower family, Asteraceae, are providing nectar to a […]

From Spring to Winter to Spring Again

Just as our garden was slowly waking back up in early February following a mid-January snow, we were hit with a historic winter storm and record cold temperatures. It is now March, and although the weather was hard on our Gardens, Nature always finds a way to welcome back new life in the spring. Following […]

Winter Sights

Many thanks to all who purchased a luminaria this year and came out to enjoy our Christmas lights in the gardens. Mother Nature put on her own dazzling display this holiday season with a generous dusting of SNOW on New Year’s Day!

Around the Garden: Summer Edition

Inland sea oats, Chasmanthium latifolium, waving in the morning sun. A sweet smelling scent welcomed us this morning as we followed the path into the garden’s amphitheater. Looking around, our eyes landed on a wispy Beebrush, Aloysia gratissima, whose simple white flowers are frequently visited by pollinators. We got closer to smell this fragrant shrub […]

Around the Garden: May and June

Engelmannia peristenia, commonly referred to as Engelmann’s daisy or Cutleaf daisy, is one of the most impressive wildflowers in our garden at the moment. They can grow up to 3ft tall and their blooms are abundant and densely bundled together- a wildscape floral arrangement for all to enjoy. This native is great to plant on […]

Around the Garden: April and May

Our gate may be closed, but the work goes on. Our head gardener Savannah has stayed busy keeping up maintaining all the plants bursting forth this spring. This week’s project was revamping the ramadas. We came away with scrapes from a dewberry that was not amused with the disturbance and sore necks/shoulders, but the battle scars […]

Earth Day Ladybug Release April 22nd

Current events have not kept Mother Nature from dressing up for Spring!  While we mortals schedule virtual programs and meetings, the Gardens are full of buzzing and blooming. Our gardener Savannah is working on a Virtual Waking Up with Wildflowers. We will have a ladybug release at 12 noon on Earth Day, Wednesday, April 22nd. We may […]