We held our annual meeting on Thursday, March 11th at our new offices located at 1016 2nd Street. During this meeting examined the past year and reviewed our financial position. For those who were unable to attend in person or via Zoom, our Year in Review presentation can be viewed here. Thank you for your support throughout a most unusual year!

Proposed Agenda
Welcome – President C. T. Head
Prayer – Board Member Suzan Garner
Minutes – Board Secretary Suzanne Smith
Treasurer’s Report – Prepared by Elita Witty

Election of New Officers
President – Dr. Haverde Warner
Vice President – C. T. Head
Treasurer – Elita Witty
Secretary – Suzanne Smith/Brenda Brooks

2020 Pictorial Review
Presented by Garden Manager Savannah Early

2020 Year in Review
Presented by Executive Director Susan Lindsey

Memorials – Ralph Ynostrosa & Mary Thorpe
Questions – Adjournment