Monarch Classes at Goldthwaite Elementary School

On Friday, April 21, we spent the day at Goldthwaite Elementary School and had the honor of presenting classes to each grade level. The classes were taught by retired teachers Suzan Garner and Jan Fischer, assisted by Sylvia Bindel, Savannah Early, Wynona Head, and Cherie Wollgast.

We started with Pre-K and talked about butterflies in general. Each student made a paper plate butterfly. Moving on to Kindergarten, we talked about What Plants Need. Each child decorated a cup and planted a moss rose. The plants and the potting soil were donated by Live Oak Nursery. First graders colored their own Very Hungry Caterpillar Life Cycle Posters. The second grade students focused on How Plants and Insects Depend on Each Other. For this lesson, each student decorated a foam picture frame with a caterpillar and flowers. The third grade class learned about The Migration Instinct. Each student put together a butterfly feeder to take home. Comparing different life cycles was the topic for the fourth grade students. After the comparisons, students decorated a bug jar to take home. Fifth graders learned about metamorphosis. Each student finished a card depicting metamorphosis relating to butterflies and then decorated a visor to wear. We were grateful for the assistance of Laurie Sanderson and Emily Berg, teachers at Goldthwaite Elementary. Principal Cutter Baird brought us drinks and snacks, lunch, and was always on hand to see if we needed any help. Mrs. Wright and her staff outdid themselves with the hospitality offered.

The education and outreach programs we offer to museums and schools require a team effort. We spent Thursday, April 20 at our office putting together 267 shopping bags – one for each student with grade-appropriate activity kits in each and a little something for each child. Helping us accomplish this were Suzanne Doggett Smith, Suzan Garner, Cherie Wollgast, Sylvia Bindel, Wynona Head,Ramona Flores, Savannah Early, and Jan Fischer. It took four vehicles to get these bags and all our materials like monarch wings, puppets, etc. to the elementary school. We do not charge for any of these classes but rely on the generosity of donors and small grants. JoAnne Correll and Liz Chapman provided generous donations for this project.

We love hosting off-site classes and programs! If you’d like to volunteer or donate for an outreach event, please call Jan at 325-642-7527.

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