A Walk Through The Gardens: Yarrow Moonshine

As the first week of June arrives, the lakes are full, the grass is green and it is time to start planning for all the summer fun ahead. Whether you are having a family reunion over the fourth of July, a garden tea with your girlfriends, or are like me and have a wedding to plan, you may be looking for some way to spruce up your outdoor space.

This week’s “plant of the week” is a lively addition to any home or garden, with its canary-yellow flowers providing long lasting color through the summer months. Yarrow Moonshine are among the best perennials for planting in hot, dry and sunny locations and are described as “carefree and generous bloomers” by an online nursery. The yarrow flowers are flat-topped and grow in tight clusters. The blooms will attract butterflies into your gardens, but are resistant to deer and rabbits. Any part of the flower that has faded and lost it’s appealing sunshine yellow color, can be clipped away to encourage more budding. You can also use cut or dried yarrow flowers to make beautiful centerpiece arrangements for your kitchen, dining area, or back patio.

This plant was given its scientific name, Achillea, after the Greek hero Achilles because legend has it that yarrow was used to treat the wounds of Greek soldiers. It’s fern-like foliage is a very pretty silvery-grey color and has a pleasant aroma to it. This plant is evergreen in regions that have a mild winter, and by cutting back the flowers once they begin to die, you can promote new foliage growth and continue enjoying this plant’s beauty year round.

If I haven’t convinced you yet that yarrow moonshine is a must-have plant for summer, come take a walk through the gardens to witness its beauty for yourself.

Republished with permission of the Goldthwaite Eagle. By Savannah Lane.

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