Archaeology About the Oldest Americans

Dr. Steve Howard will be at the Mills County Bank Annex on 4th Street at 1pm on Wednesday December 3rd, 2014 to meet with anyone interested in Native American artifacts. Of special interest are the oldest Native Americans who date back over 13,000 years. The Legacy Plaza Museum Annex is located at 1300 Reynolds Street across from the Church of Christ in Goldthwaite.

Dr. Howard would especially like to meet with ranch owners interested in exploration on their land for evidence of early settlers as a number of individuals in this area have Clovis points and other similar points of the same time period.

Steve has made it very clear that any artifacts found belong to the ranch owner and that the archaeologist simply want to study and expand the knowledge of these early peoples. Neither the state nor anyone else can take any type of artifact found or owned by anyone.

You are encouraged to bring artifacts that you would like to have Dr. Howard look at, especially if you have some you think might be really old. Bring as many as you would like to have examined.

For more information, text, email or call Del Barnett at 325-938-7765 or

About Dr. Howard

Dr. Howard is a PhD archaeologist from the Gault site near Florence Texas. Study of the site has been ongoing for over 20 years resulting in the discovery of 40% of all artifacts connected to the Clovis Period that have been found in the United States while excavating only 2% of the total site. Of particular interest is the discovery at the site of a group which dates to before the Clovis – somewhere in the 15,000 year range.

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