Wisdom Of The Seasons


The Texas Botanical Gardens is continuing to take shape with the planting of the trees marking another big step toward completion.




Friday, March 21st saw our exhibit and landscape designers – Drew Patterson and Tab Ledbetter – making final decisions about the placement and siting of interpretive uprights and wayside panels, demonstration areas, and plant identification. It is very important to us that the trailhead and interpretive panels meet National Park Service Standards to offer a familiar point of departure for visitors.

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The title of The Gardens’ exhibits is Wisdom of the Seasons and focuses on the ancient knowledge, ways of doing things and wisdom we need to retain and remember from past “seasons”. They also echo the fact that ancient people literally lived by the turning of the seasons. They moved residence throughout the cycle of the year and took advantage of each season for what it had to offer, Different foods ripened in different seasons, water was more available in some than others, beneficial plant growth varied, and some animals were better hunted in some seasons than others, etc.

We hope to instill visitors to the Wisdom of the Seasons exhibits with an appreciation for what it means to live a life all about the natural seasons rather than a printed calendar hanging on a wall.

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