Botanical Gardens Awarded $7,500 Grant

Executive director, Jan Fischer announced that the Botanical Gardens had received a grant of $ 7,500 from Humanities Texas. This organization supports public programs in history, literature, and philosophy.

The grant will be applied to the exhibit project “Wisdom of the Seasons.” Wisdom Of The Seasons will begin at a trailhead. Here interpretive panels will aid the visitors in understanding the demonstration areas, and plant material. The panels will tell of ancient knowledge of past “seasons. ” Ancient peoples lived by this knowledge. They moved by the “season” depending on foods ripening at different “seasons. ” Water was more available at different “seasons, ” some animals were better hunted at different “seasons, ” beneficial plant growth at different “seasons”came into play with their knowledge.

We are trying to give each visitor an appreciation of what it meant to live a life governed by “seasons” rather than a printed calendar.

The Project Director is Drew Patterson of Austin. Working with him is Dr. Grant Hall, Humanities Scholar, Archaeologist. We appreciate the assistance of Central Texas Telephone Co-op. This along with many more interpretive sites will be available at the grand opening Saturday, October 11, 2014 at 10:00 a. m.

Keep watching and reading the The Eagle as the development progresses.

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